An acid bomb thrown from a moving car on Monday landed about 25 feet away from an imam involved in a discrimination lawsuit against US Airways, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said.

Didmar Faja and another mosque official were standing outside a Glendale mosque around 1 a.m. when a plastic bottle launched through a car window came flying in their direction, according to CAIR.

Police told CAIR the bottle was filled with acid and a reactant, and Faja and the mosque official said they smelled a chemical odor when the container exploded.

No one was injured in the apparent attack.

Within a 72-hour period, the Glendale Police Department said it responded to six acid bomb type of situations — all at random locations.

CAIR said Faja had recently been threatened because of his involvement in a discrimination suit against US Airways. He was one of six Islamic religious leaders removed from a Nov. 20 flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix after passengers reported what they considered to be suspicious behavior.


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