Caught stereotyping

I wonder if Joe Fagundes has ever met a Muslim or visited a mosque (“Muslim groups quiet,” Letters, Feb. 15).

If he did, he would know that 6 million to 7 million American Muslims are hard working, family-oriented people. We are paying taxes and serving our country through volunteerism, working on social justice issues and enlisting in the armed services.

Islam teaches us to value life, respect one another and spread peace, goodwill and brotherhood. In following those teachings, Muslims have come out and strongly condemned any killing of innocent civilians. Organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) denounced the tragic Sept. 11 attacks and began an online petition, “Not in the Name of Islam,” to which nearly 700,000 have signed on so far. CAIR also coordinated a fatwa (or Islamic ruling) against terrorism and violence, and more than 120 American Muslim groups endorsed it. Just visit to see
those condemnations.

We are doing our part in strengthening America. The question is – what are people like Fagundes doing to combat stereotypes about their fellow American Muslims, speak out against fear and division and spread more goodwill and understanding?

Munira Syeda, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Anaheim


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