Bill Tammeus’ efforts to recognize Muslim voices against terrorism are commendable (“Muslim rebel demands change,” Opinion, May 3).

However, such voices lose credibility when they falsely claim Muslims “aren’t standing up strongly and loudly enough to this polluted version of Islam.”

Muslims in America and all over the world have vehemently denounced all terrorist acts committed by fringe elements in the name of Islam.

There is not one Islamic scholar, here or abroad, who has not spoken loudly in opposition to terrorism or those who have committed these heinous acts.

Muslims and religious scholars continue to encourage healthy debate in Islam, something that has happened for the past 1,400 years and is evidenced by this faith’s adaptability and compatibility with the 21st century and 1.4 billion followers.

We should stand together against the terrorists and also against those who spread misinformation or negative perceptions about Islam.

[MUNIRA SYEDA is with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Southern California, Anaheim]


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