A 19-year-old woman says she lost her job at a popular clothing store after refusing to remove her Muslim head scarf.
When Hani Khan, who was born in New York and is of Indian and Pakistani descent, interviewed for a job at a Hollister store at a mall in Hillsborough, Calif., she was wearing a traditional Muslim hijab, or head scarf.
“The manager mentioned the store’s ‘look policy’ and said I’d have to wear either a white, navy or gray-colored scarf,” Khan told AOL News. “I was fine with that.”
For the next six months, Khan worked without incident in the store’s stock room, a job that required she occasionally go out on to the floor to replenish the supply of clothing.
But on Feb. 9, Khan said a district manager paid a visit to the store, which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, and that’s when her troubles began. Though Khan never met or spoke to the manager that day, she said she was aware of him looking at her.
Six days later, on Feb. 15, Khan came to work and the manager was waiting for her. “He told me he wanted me to speak to a person at Abercrombie & Fitch human resources,” Khan said, “And he handed me a phone.” (More)


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