The July 9 Forum cartoon by Michael Ramirez, suggesting that the Muslim community condemned the Salman Rushdie knighthood but remained silent on the British terror attacks, should be seen more as a critique of Ramirez than of the Muslim community. He hears what he wants or expects to hear. His impression is false.

A simple Internet search can bring up a wealth of statements condemning the terror attacks, by organizations and individuals in the Muslim community, including the statement from the Association of Muslim Health Professionals,, and the statement from Asma Mobin-Uddin, the president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Ohio, whose commentary was published in The New York Post on July 4.

In Islam, as in all other world religions, if you use an immoral path, like attacking innocent people, no matter what “great” goal you have in mind, you corrupt your soul and God will punish you.

It was fortunate that the terror plotters were so inept at carrying out their bombing attempts. They dishonored their professions, their religion and their basic civil contracts with the communities where they live.

Norma Tarazi


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