(CHICAGO, IL 9/13/2006) – The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) today condemned comments made by Andrea Zinga, a congressional candidate for the 17th district of Illinois.

“Profiling doesn’t bother me,” Zinga told the Associated Press, “if we are profiling. . .the people. . .who have caused the outrages against our Nation and caused the deaths of American citizens. We’re talking about Middle Eastern men.”

“We do know that the Islamic culture is bent on conquering and subjugating a great deal of the world, including us,” she said.

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Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR-Chicago called Zinga’s remarks “misguided and misguiding.”

“There is no excuse for a candidate seeking public office to not know the difference between the terrorist threat and the faith of Islam,” Rehab said. “There is no justification for insinuating that the terms ‘terrorists’ and ‘Middle Eastern men’ are synonymous and interchangeable.”

Rehab said Islamophobia is the last “acceptable form of bigotry in our society.” He said recent polls show one in four Americans admitting harboring prejudices against Muslims. “Inflammatory remarks such as those made by Zinga contribute to this unfortunate climate of hate,” said Rehab.

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