Muslim, civil liberties and human rights organizations are voicing
opposition to legislation they believe expands the Patriot Act and denies
civil liberties to immigrants.

The 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act, which passed the House in a
282-134 vote last week, details a plan to reorganize the U.S. intelligence
community in light of the recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, which
published its report in late August.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations urged its members to contact
their representatives in Congress to oppose provisions in the legislation
that relate to immigration, saying it “is viewed by CAIR as an expansion of
the Patriot Act.”

Specifically, the group objects to provisions of the bill that would allow
for immigrants to be deported without any judicial review.

The “expedited removal” provision was absent from a version of the bill
that passed the Senate overwhelmingly last week, but passed in the House
version. House and Senate leaders continue to debate the provisions as they
prepare the final version that they will send to the White House for

The human rights organization Amnesty International also opposes the
legislation, calling it “the outsourcing of torture” because of its
proposal allowing people to be deported to countries where they may face

The American Civil Liberties Union also opposes what it refers to as
“mean-spirited measures” in the legislation..


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