TAMPA – Nabil Mouad did not tell a psychiatrist that he believes there is a princess of the United States or that Jay Leno once spoke to him through the television.

These are things he still believes, said his advocate Ahmed Bedier, who spoke to him over a jail phone recently. Despite that, a tie-breaking psychiatrist ruled him competent to stand trial after two doctors split on assessments.

But the same doctor also said that there was basis for Mouad to use the insanity defense, which his public defender told a judge Monday he will do. A trial date was set for July 17.

Mouad, 20, is accused of threatening to blow up University of South Florida soccer coach George Kiefer after he denied Mouad a team tryout. The coach told him he needed to attend the school first. Medical records show Mouad suffers from schizophrenia, and he said he was off his medication on Feb. 6 when the confrontation took place. He denies making the threats.

He is a Moroccan immigrant with an expired visa who is being held in a Hillsborough County jail without bail, charged with threatening to discharge a destructive device and assault on a specified official or employee.

Friends hope to hire him a private lawyer before trial.

“We’ll pray for him that justice is served,” friend Mustapha Lahrach said.

“The best scenario we’re hoping for is he’s treated in some kind of institution,” said Bedier, director of the Tampa branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “A mental institution is the best way to go.”

Bedier, acting as Mouad’s advocate, said he recently quizzed him on whether he told the psychiatrist about some tall tales he has shared before.


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