“It was terrifying… It was humiliating…”

Standing with her husband and 8-month old baby daughter… Sabura Rashad described, what she says happened to her near her home on Saturday afternoon –

“It was very upsetting to me to have someone in my community, yards away from my home,” said Rashad, “to come up and to harass me and to curse at me simply because I’m wearing something different.”

Rashad – a practicing Muslim – says she was wearing her head scarf or hajab as she cleaned up after a yard sale at the corner of Morris Bridge and Davis Road, when she says her neighbor, Tom Poyma, pulled up and started yelling racial slurs… Then tried to run her over with his SUV.

“I can be run down like a like an animal with my baby, you know, its just… Nobody deserves that.”

Poyma tells a quite different tale.

“They’re saying you tried to run this woman and her baby over with a truck? No. “

Poyma, who agreed to talk, if we didn’t show his face, admits the argument got out of hand… He even admits racial words were exchanged… But he insists it wasn’t racially motivated.

“This whole thing grew out… Of an argument that was about the corner where I live being glutted with merchandise.” says Poyma.

Despite the conflicting stories… The Council on American Islamic Relations believes the incident should be considered a hate crime…. And have filed a report with the Hillsborough Sheriff’s office.


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