If it involves Hillsborough County’s Muslim community, Bedier probably will
be on the front lines. The director of the Council on American-Islamic
Relations office in Tampa spoke out on a University of South Florida
basketball player’s right to wear Muslim attire on the court and asked the
Hillsborough County school board to recognize Islamic holidays. The media
frequently tap Bedier, 30, for views on the backlash against the Islamic
community stemming from the Sept. 11 attacks.

St. Petersburg Times, 1/1/05

Ahmed Bedier, communications director of the Tampa office of the Council on
American Islamic Relations, said the disaster served as a reminder that
life is short, precious and fragile.

“All of us at one time or another will taste death,” he said. “To a Muslim,
death is not the end of a journey. This is a temporary life.


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