In her recent note on the right-wing website Free Republic, 5th Congressional District GOP candidate Rosanna “Chicagolady” Pulido apologized for her inflammatory comments in that forum over the years, acknowledging that her racist and homophobic statements (which she simply described as “stupid”) had hurt even some of her own supporters.

To wit, Pulido described her conversation with a Muslim friend regarding the controversy:

A Muslim man who is my good friend called me. We talked about some other stupid comments I made and I had the opportunity to take responsibility for what I said. Actually this campaign is not as important to me as doing the right thing when I screw up and hurt people and my friends.

To refresh your memory, among Pulido’s various heinous postings was a March 10 comment asserting that praying Muslims reminded her of dogs “smelling buts [sic].”
Since her “apology” on Free Republic a week ago, the Muslim friend in question — York Township Trustee Moon Kahn (pictured above) — wrote Pulido to withdraw his endorsement of her candidacy, citing her “disturbing mindset.” We have a copy of the full letter, which you can read below (Full article)


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