WASHINGTON – Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, undertaking an American tour rare for ex-officials of the government in Tehran, called Thursday for a “dialogue of civilizations” among Jews, Christians and Muslims, even as he scolded the Bush administration for its treatment of detainees and other alleged human rights abuses. . .

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, agreed that there is a need for dialogue. “Most Americans don’t want a repeat of the Iraq fiasco,” said Hooper, whose organization is playing host at a dinner for Khatami tonight in Washington. “The way to prevent that is to listen to each other.”

In the invitation to the private dinner, which also includes a photo opportunity for the estimated 100 guests, CAIR described Khatami as “Iran’s first reformist president [who] focused his tenure on the rule of law, democracy and the inclusion of all Iranians in the political decision-making process.”


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