Disneyland officials have reached an agreement with a Muslim college intern allowing her to wear a head covering while on the job, Muslim community leaders and Disney officials said Monday.
Officials with the Council on American-Islamic Relations say the scarf acts as an Islamic head covering, called a hijab, in accordance with her Muslim religion . . .
Ameena Qazi, a staff attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) greater Los Angeles office, was also satisfied.
“We are pleased that Disney found a way to fulfill the Muslim employee’s religious accommodation request,” she said. “This sends a message to prospective minority applicants and employees that they are a welcome and valuable addition to Disney’s team.”
Munira Syeda, a spokeswoman for CAIR: “We definitely are hoping that Disney will institute a policy to allow all Muslim men and women who are qualified to work in ‘front-stage’ positions and interact with guests. This leaves us optimistic that Disney will find it a wise decision to work with all minorities whose religious beliefs require special accommodations.” (More)
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