SAN DIEGO – A civil liberties group criticized Imperial Valley College on
Friday for declining to reprimand a professor who suggested to his students
that Islamic terrorism could only be wiped out by eliminating the Islamic

Jeff Beckley, an assistant professor of business, was discussing the
presidential campaign with his students at the campus in Imperial on Oct. 7
when the talk turned to terrorism.

Beckley, 42, said Friday he told the class: “Terrorism is a fact of life.
Terrorists are people.”

“I said ‘The only way to eliminate Islamic terrorism would be to end the
Islamic religion. The only way to eliminate Christian terrorism, would be
to end the Christian religion. The only way to eliminate terrorism, would
be to eliminate people.'”

One student, Prabhath Shettigar, an El Centro attorney, objected to
Beckley’s statements, according to the Southern California office of the
Council on American-Islamic Relations. Beckley said Shettigar’s comments
became personal and he asked the student to leave the class”¦

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the college has not
adequately addressed the seriousness of the incident and commended
Shettigar, whom it said was of the Hindu faith, for “standing up for Islam
and Muslims.”

The college’s response “sends the message that suggesting genocide is
acceptable on an American college campus,” said Sabiha Khan, spokeswoman
for the Anaheim-based council.




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