CAIR-NY invites all its members to an evening of engaging dialogue on a contemporary and controversial topic.

WHAT: AMAL (Association for Muslim American Lawyers) Presents Racial Profiling Post 9-11: The Evolution Of Sanctioned Prejudice
WHEN: September 21, 2006 6 p.m.
WHERE: New York University Kimmel Center Room 914, 60 Washington Square South, New York, NY

“Suicide bombers and terrorists fit a very specific intelligence profile, and race and ethnicity is very much a part of that profile. Let’s get real. There is a terrorist profile.” “… they look a certain way, they are young, and they come from a certain part of the world.” – Dov Hikind, Democratic Assemblyman from Brooklyn

“. . .if a 25-year-old Muslim man who has been traveling frequently to Yemen or Pakistan tries to board a plane, then not only statistical analysis but also common sense tells us that he is more of a potential threat than the grandmother from Queens.” – John Faso, Republican Candidate for Governor of NY

At a time when racial profiling is deemed to be “common sense”, it is imperative that society reassess the direction of our public policy. AMAL invites you to participate in this very important dialogue. Our panel will explore the historical foundations of racial profiling, the impact it has had on the African American, Latino, Arab, Muslim and South Asian communities and the process by which this illegal practice has evolved into a perceived, “commonsensical” solution to our present day security needs.

Confirmed Speakers include:

* Cynthia Deitle, FBI Special Agent, Civil Rights Squad
* King Downing of the ACLU (Coordinator of ACLU’s Campaign Against
Racial Profiling, challenged the “driving while black/brown” practice in New Jersey)
* Udi Ofer of the NYCLU (Director of Bill of Rights Defense Campaign)
* Shayana Kadidal (Staff Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, counsel in CCR v. Bush, Turkmen v. Ashcroft, Harrington v. MTA and Vulcan Society v. FDNY)
* Anthony Gair of Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman & Mackauf (Co-counsel for Amadou Diallo in Diallo v. NYPD)
* Faiza Ali of CAIR-NY (Civil Rights Director)

Refreshments will be served.


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