The media crowd outnumbered the Landmarks Preservation Commission 10 to one at the Tuesday morning vote for 45-47 Park Place.
The five-story building—a prominent example of the store and loft structures that dominated the drygoods warehouse districts of Lower Manhattan—is just not worthy of landmark status, the commissioners agreed. And it’s not the Commission’s job to consider anything else, members reiterated in short speeches before voting 9-0 to take the site off its list . . .
Then chaos ensued as reporters tripped over each other to interview members of the public, and security attempted to usher the crowds out of the building.
“It’s a 9/11 victory mosque,” said Linda Rivera, a Manhattan resident who held up a sign that read, “Don’t glorify murders of 3,000.”
Another opponent, Andy Sullivan, added, “It’s hurtful to the memory of those people.”
For others supporting the mosque, this kind of criticism is completely baseless.
“I think it’s a victory for American liberty,” Zead Ramadan, board president on the Council on American Islamic Relations-New York, told The Observer after the vote. “This process was objective and not influenced by the rhetoric of hate and fear.”
As for the loud protesters, Mr. Ramadan said they were very misinformed.
“I feel sorry for them,” he said. (More)


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