In the midst of a swine flu scare, Sacramento religious leaders are recommending caution when it comes to certain worship practices, including sharing Communion cups.

The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento is urging parishioners to give “careful consideration” to several traditional observances, according to a letter that will be read during Mass in the 20- county diocese this weekend.
At St. Mel Parish in Fair Oaks, congregants will be asked not to shake hands during the exchange of peace or hold hands when the community recites the Lord’s Prayer. The church will not offer the Communion cup during Mass…
In a letter to Islamic leaders Wednesday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations urged religious leaders to “stress the possibility of avoiding Islamic cultural traditions such as handshakes or hugs of greeting.”
Imam Mohamad Azeez of Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims said he will follow that advice. He also will urge members at Friday mosque services to avoid big gatherings. (More)


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