A Muslim former RCMP cadet told the Canadian Human Rights Commission Monday he was harassed repeatedly after requesting to wear a pendant containing passages from the Qur’an.

A tribunal is hearing Ali Tahmourpour’s complaint that while attending the RCMP training academy in Regina from July to October, 1999, he was ridiculed for his Muslim beliefs and subjected to unwarranted criticism.

He was terminated 14 weeks into the 22-week program.

The Iranian-born Tahmourpour initially filed a complaint with the commission in March 2001; however, the complaint was dismissed at that time following the government’s insistance that he was let go due to poor performance.

Soon after, the Federal Court of Canada asked that it be reconsidered, citing the commission’s failure to consider RCMP statistics showing a seven per cent attrition rate among cadets as a whole, but a rate of almost 16 per cent among visible minorities.


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