TORONTO – A Canadian terror suspect being held by the United States at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, says American interrogators have repeatedly beaten
him, spiked his drinks with mind-altering drugs and threatened him with
rape unless he co-operated.

During one interview with authorities, Omar Khadr claims he was forced to
roll around in his own urine, then denied a change of clothes for two days.

The 18-year-old, who was born in Toronto but later lived in the same Afghan
compound as Osama bin Laden, also says U.S. officials spat in his face,
locked him in isolation for a month, and abused him to the point where he
contemplated suicide.

The detailed allegations are outlined in a sworn affidavit written by two
U.S. lawyers who visited Mr. Khadr in November.

Under a pre-arranged deal, the attorneys were forbidden to publicize his
accusations until the Pentagon reviewed their statement and authorized its

Obtained by the National Post, the affidavit marks the first time Mr. Khadr
has accused the U.S. military of torture, although it remains to be seen
whether his allegations will generate any significant public sympathy.

The affidavit has not been independently corroborated, and many Canadians
are well aware of his family’s close ties to terrorism and their open
contempt for the Western world


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