MUSLIM ANDREA ARMSTRONG, we’re happy to report, has her basketball
scholarship back at the University of South Florida after voluntarily
leaving the team last week upon being told she could not wear Islamic
clothing on the court for practices or games. Armstrong, a senior starter
and recent convert to Islam, wanted to wear long pants, a top with long
sleeves and a head scarf.

With legal trouble undoubtedly in the air, a meeting was held Friday that
included the university officials and the Council on American-Islamic
Relations (CAIR). The school yesterday announced it would accommodate her
Islamic attire, reinstate her scholarship and work with the NCAA on this

“An athlete should not be asked to choose between engaging in healthy
sporting activities and her deeply held religious beliefs,” said Ahmed
Bedier, a CAIR spokesman. The NCAA’s basketball rule book devotes five
pages to uniforms but does not address religious issues. All players are
required to wear the same uniform.

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