U.S. troops attacked a mosque in Iraq, Muslim militants blew up a bus in Kashmir, and Israeli security forces ravaged a

Palestinian refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

In other news, nearly 100 Christians, Muslims and Jews sat down together in San Francisco, shared a meal, and tried to figure

out why religion seems to be the problem rather than the solution.

They gathered at a dozen round tables Sunday evening at the new Jewish Community Center in San Francisco and listened to

three experts — a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew — tell them that the essence of all three religions is love.

Are there any questions?

No hands were raised. No one wanted to go first. Then the ice broke, and the questions came forth.

Is it true that Islamic law oppresses women?

As a rabbi, do you feel like you have to defend the actions of the Israeli government?

Why is it that the more religious people become, they more they seem to fight? Shouldn’t it be the opposite?…


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