You can live in Guelph for 30 years, but sometimes all it takes is a hand-written letter spilling hate to make you feel unwelcome.

City police may start monitoring Mohamed Chaarani’s home after a letter condemning all Muslims arrived in his mailbox this week.

Chaarani, president of the Muslim Society of Guelph, said his wife is worried for the family’s safety and wants him to step down from the public spotlight.

“My wife couldn’t sleep last night and kept waking me up, saying ‘go look through the window,'” Chaarani said yesterday.

“This is unfair to my family. When I received this letter, I felt assaulted.”

In the unsigned letter, the author claims to speak for all “true Canadians.” The letter is a response to comments Chaarani made to this newspaper following the arrest of 17 alleged terrorism suspects earlier this month.

At the time, Chaarani condemned Islamic extremism and called for peace between all religions.

The author took exception to that.

“How dare you suggest that we must learn to live together! You are a Muslim and it is your ‘kind’ that seem bent on destroying this beautiful country,” the letter reads.


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