Congressman John Conyers, Jr
Fourteenth District, Michigan
Ranking Member

FOR RELEASE- 10/21/03

CONTACT: Kanya Bennett, Michelle Persaud, 202-225-6906

Today’s Statement by Secretary Rumsfeld announcing an Inspector General review of General Boykin’s statements misses the mark by a wide margin and is insufficient to deal with the growing controversy. Regardless of whether or not there are any technical violations of the Military Code of Justice, what we need from the Administration now is a clear and resolute condemnation of remarks which are hateful and racist in nature and content.
The fact that General Boykin, our lead military official in charge of rooting out terrorism, can be permitted to spew invectives which undermine not only our friends and allies, but millions of our own citizens without being reassigned from his sensitive position is shameful.

Just yesterday the President clearly criticized the Prime Minister of Malaysia for his anti-Semitic remarks. I support and agree with his criticisms. Now the Administration needs to show us that they are willing
to condemn racism within our own military.


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