Before leaving Fort Worth for Iraq, missionaries David McDonnall and Carrie Taylor McDonnall were so worried about their safety that they considered hiring a security guard to travel with them.

The two Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary students relied instead on prayer. But it was not enough to protect them.

On Monday, David McDonnall, 29, of Rowlett was fatally wounded and Carrie “Nicki” McDonnall, 26, was critically injured when assailants attacked their vehicle with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. She was being flown by helicopter to a German military hospital Tuesday afternoon. Three other Southern Baptist missionaries were killed.

Officially, the missionaries were scouting locations for a water-purification project as part of their mission of humanitarian aid. But at heart — and despite their fears — they were there to win converts for Christ.

The two aims cannot be separated, pastors, missionaries and Christians say..


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