Illegal Immigrants Swamping Europe, Turning Churches Into Mosques – It’s The Perfect Plot For A Neo-Nazi Bestseller.

The bestseller list was invented in 1895. Nowadays (so many novels, so little time) we couldn’t live without them. Most tastes are catered for, but I don’t recall a neo-nazi chart, or “these you have loved, skinhead”.

Chaps with stubble hair, big boots and swastika tattoos tend not to be bookish. But, on the shelf with the Wehrmacht memorabilia, Did Six Million Die? and the collected works of David Irving, you may find the odd example of light reading.

Still popular in far-right reading groups is William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, the novel the FBI called “The Bible of the Racist Right” and which gave Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh his big idea. Pierce’s other novel, Hunter (Aryan vigilante cleans up Washington), ranks at No 2 in the “all-time favourites” list. That thriller inspired Larry Shoemake to gun down eight black Mississippians in 1996. “Hunter was like an eye-opener for him,” Mrs Shoemake fondly recalled. “There was a distinct difference in him.” Jeanette Winterson should be so lucky.

Other novels beloved by neo-nazis are Randolph D Calverhall’s Serpent’s Walk (SS unit survives the war and sets up a Fourth Reich); OT Gunnarsson’s Hear the Cradle Song (miscegenation, political correctness and Jewish conspiracy versus an Odin-worshipping Aryan United Front); and Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day (last white people on Earth escape to Mars, where they can set up a racially clean civilisation without mongrels, mud people, and liberal newspaper columnists).

The book currently generating the most chatter is Jean Raspail’s Camp of Saints. First published in 1973, in France, no British publisher (a gutless crew) has been brave enough to take it on. In America, publication was sponsored, in 1985, by the ultra-right (ultra-wrong), anti-immigration Laurel Foundation, under whose aegis it now sells like hot cakes.

Camp of Saints foretells an imminent “swamping” of Europe by illegals from the orient. Forget passports or border controls:

they just hijack tankers and come, an armada of subcontinental sub-humanity: a brown tsunami. Europe is so enervated by liberalism and postcolonial guilt and depopulated by “family planning” that the alien tide (“with a stench of latrines”) just laps over the continent. A small resistance band (the “Saints”) is liquidated – by the French government. The immigrants
come, they settle, they rape, they steal. Above all, they breed. Raspail calls it “the Calcutta solution” – genocide by stealth. Europe becomes a Dark Continent…

Raspail’s loathsome novel has recently achieved something like respectability. The author has a website and has been hailed “the Frantz Fanon of the White Race”. Camp of Saints articulates a western nightmare fashionable among neo-conservatives.

Civilisations won’t “clash”. The developed world (and in the Middle East, Israel) will simply be outspawned into extinction”¦

The book has also found a powerful advocate in Daniel Pipes. A leading neo-conservative and Middle East expert, he was appointed last August to the US Institute of Peace (a “non-partisan federal institution” dedicated to the “prevention, management and resolution of international conflicts”) by George Bush.

Pipes sees “post-Christian” Europe as “hollowed out” by “anaemic birthrate”, ageing population and ineffective immigration laws. In a widely syndicated article two weeks ago, Pipes proclaimed the Camp of Saints to be true prophecy. Chartres,

Westminster and Cologne cathedrals, he foresees, will, in the not too distant future, become mosques. Or possibly, he muses, a “Taliban-style regime will blow them up”. He (like Raspail) has seen the future, and it is brown.

Someone should tell the Daily Express – the serial rights are up for grabs…


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