I was dismayed when I read the editorial, “If You Are Muslim, You Are
Suspect,” by Daniel Pipes (June 16).

The main reason I was dismayed was that West Newsmagazine allowed such an
article filled with hate and improper twisted logic to be there. The second
reason is that in spite of Pipes’ Islam-aphobic position he takes in every
word he writes or utters, using all that twisted logic, some still are
willing to quote him.

Pipes used a lot of methods to get to his own conclusion that he has “all
the time,” that “It is absolutely alright to do any injustice to a person,
even it was unwarranted, illegal, or unconstitutional, if he or she is a

That preconceived conclusion has driven him – again – to write this piece,
the same way he wrote many more before. His main, and maybe only,
motivation to write is his Islam-aphobia.

He has used guilt of association as his way to say that it is absolutely OK
to falsely accuse and jail a person based on the fact that he is Muslim.
Since when in this country are we guilty because of disagreeing with the

Based on Pipes’ notion, millions of Americans who disagree with the Patriot
Act or some other government position should go to jail. But we have to
find enough jail space first for them. That would be even worse, if we
follow Pipes’ logic.


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