A day after Muslim students at Bancroft Intermediate School were told they
could not pray in school and had to sit in the cafeteria at lunch despite
fasting in observance of Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, one child was
allowed Friday to go to a private room to pray.

The Christina School District said the students will not be forced to sit
in the lunchroom as long as their parents submit in writing that the
children are fasting.

The mothers of two Muslim students said Friday they were pleased with the
district’s response to their request that the students be allowed to
observe Ramadan properly.

Shaida Fennell said that her son, Hashim, 12, was escorted by a teacher to
a private room twice during the day so he could pray. He also was not
forced to remain in the lunchroom with other students, she said.

The two mothers had complained that it was unfair that their children sit
in the lunchroom because Muslims are required to abstain from food and
drink during daylight hours during Ramadan…


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