STORM LAKE, Iowa – Little by little, the Lord is seeping into Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.

In South Carolina the other day, an invocation preceded the political speeches, and David Mack, a state legislator, closed the rally with “God bless you and keep you.” In Iowa last weekend, Dr. Dean referred to the New Testament. On Friday in New Hampshire, he invoked a Muslim phrase,”inshallah,” God willing, to make a point about Americans believing they control their destiny.

“I’m still learning a lot about faith and the South and how important it is,” Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, said as he flew here, 150 miles northwest of Des Moines, Friday night on his chartered jet, predicting he would mention God more and more in the coming weeks. “It doesn’t make me more religious or less religious than I was before, but it means that I’m willing to talk about it in different ways.”

Dr. Dean recently told an audience in Iowa that he prayed daily. On the plane he declined to detail his prayer ritual but described how a 2002 trip to Israel deepened his understanding of the connections between Judaism and
Christianity. He named Job as his favorite New Testament book, then later corrected himself, noting that it is in the Old Testament…


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