As a Muslim, I believe that all is created by God and that God has a reason
for his creations. However, we are entrusted with this world and the
environment we live in; therefore, we will be held accountable for our use
of it. We must act as safe-guarders of our world and environment.

The world has been created for humankind’s usage; therefore, both plants
and animals can be consumed by humankind. Kindness is the rule, and so in
Islam, animal slaughter has its own rules and regulations to ensure that
humane treatment occurs.

In Islam, everything is allowed unless it is specifically prohibited. This
rule applies to food as well, and there are a few foods God has stated are
not allowed. Having said most foods are allowed, this does not mean one
must eat things that he or she does not like or things that one deems
unhealthy. Just because it is allowed does not require it. What is required
is to disallow the prohibited, and, Islamically, both animals and plants
can provide the required sustenance for humankind.

We should be thankful for the abundance in this world and in the options
from which we have to choose. We need not limit ourselves more than God
limits us, but, if we choose to do so, these limits we place on ourselves
should not be imposed on others.

[Rushdy El-Ghussein, former president of the Islamic Society of Greater
Kansas City.


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