By the time House Republicans were finished with him, Bill Clinton must
have thought of a thong as a torture device.

For the Bush administration, it actually is.

A former American Army sergeant who worked as an Arabic interpreter at
Gitmo has written a book pulling back the veil on the astounding ways
female interrogators used a toxic combination of sex and religion to try to
break Muslim detainees at the U.S. prison camp in Cuba. It’s not merely
disgusting. It’s beyond belief.

The Bush administration never worries about anything. But these
missionaries and zealous protectors of values should be worried about the
American soul. The president never mentions Osama, but he continues to use
9/11 as an excuse for American policies that bend the rules and play to our
worst instincts.

“I have really struggled with this because the detainees, their families
and much of the world will think this is a religious war based on some of
the techniques used, even though it is not the case,” the former sergeant,
Erik R. Saar, 29, told The Associated Press. The A.P. got a manuscript of
his book, deemed classified pending a Pentagon review.

What good is it for President Bush to speak respectfully of Islam and claim
Iraq is not a religious war if the Pentagon denigrates Islamic law –
allowing its female interrogators to try to make Muslim men talk in
late-night sessions featuring sexual touching, displays of fake menstrual
blood, and parading in miniskirt, tight T-shirt, bra and thong underwear?

It’s like a bad porn movie, “The Geneva Monologues.” All S and no M


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