EL PASO — Police arrested a man who allegedly attacked the Islamic Center
of El Paso with two makeshift firebombs that failed to detonate.

Nobody was hurt.

Officials said Antonio Flores, 57, of El Paso is facing arson and possible
hate crime charges.

Police arrested Flores shortly after Friday’s attack with Molotov cocktails.

Prayers had just concluded and people were collecting in the yard.

Flores allegedly threw one beer bottle filled with gasoline and a makeshift
wick over the wall. The gasoline splashed on a boy’s pants, but the flame
went out and no one was hurt.

Members of the center found another bottle with a flaming wick on the
building’s gas meter.

A member called 911 and El Paso police picked the suspect up a few blocks

The center had no damage.

Flores is being held at the El Paso Detention Center


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