F.B.I. agents met in recent days with two high-level Pentagon
officials to discuss the case of a Defense Department analyst who is
suspected of turning over a classified policy document to Israel, a senior
official in the department said on Monday.

The two officials, Paul D. Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary, and
Douglas J. Feith, the under secretary for policy, were briefed on the case
of the analyst, Lawrence A. Franklin, who was a lower-level employee in Mr.
Feith’s office who specialized in Iranian issues.

The official said that meetings with Mr. Wolfowitz and Mr. Feith were
briefings rather than interviews. It remained somewhat unclear whether
either man was asked any questions during the meetings about his knowledge
of Mr. Franklin’s activities.

Mr. Feith met with agents at his home on Sunday, the official said. It was
not clear exactly when and where the agents met with Mr. Wolfowitz. The
meetings were first reported on Monday by the Associated Press.

Pentagon officials said in a statement on Friday that no one at the Defense
Department beyond Mr. Franklin was suspected of any wrongdoing. Neither Mr.
Wolfowitz nor Mr. Feith is regarded as having any involvement in the matter
other than as potential witnesses because of their familiarity with Mr.
Franklin’s work.

So far, no charges in the case have been brought, but behind the scenes
government lawyers prepared to make the first arrests by issuing a criminal
complaint against one or more figures in the case, government officials
said on Monday


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