CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thousands of Muslims live in the Charlotte area, and
many of them will soon be interviewed by the FBI regarding possible
terrorist threats.

“We want to solicit help,” Special Agent Joanne Morley said Friday. “This
is not meant to be confrontational. … It’s a window of opportunity to
obtain information.”

Morley said the interviews are part of the FBI’s ongoing outreach program
with the Muslim community. And with the election coming up, any information
might help them thwart an al Qaeda attack.

While Charlotte-area Muslims plan to work with the FBI, they also want to
work with the rest of the community and offer more insight into Islam.

Faheem Schuaibb and many other members of the Muslim community said they
understand and are willing to cooperate.

“I’m capable of knowing how to separate what’s true from what’s false in
this particular matter, and not take it personally and not feel responsible
for what the other individual does,” Schuaibb said…


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