In a report that hinted of possible security breaches beyond the
allegations that Pentagon analyst Lawrence Franklin passed information to
Israel via AIPAC, the Washington Post reported Thursday that classified
intelligence from the National Security may have been passed to the Jewish

Quoting unnamed U.S. officials and other sources, the paper said that the
FBI had been investigating for more than two years whether the AIPAC
pro-Israel lobbying group has been passing classified intelligence data to

“The counterintelligence probe, which is different from a criminal
investigation, focuses on a possible transfer of intelligence more
extensive than whether Franklin passed on a draft presidential directive on
U.S. policy toward Iran, the sources said. The FBI is examining whether
highly classified material from the National Security Agency, which
conducts electronic intercepts of communications, was also forwarded to
Israel,” the paper said,

Israel responded that the characterization of the probe was speculative.
“We are aware of all the speculation, but that is all it is. We have not
heard anything official, and U.S.-Israeli relations remain as strong as
ever and, as far as we are concerned, it’s business as usual,” said David
Siegel, spokesman of the Israeli Embassy here.

AIPAC has forcefully denied that any of its personnel received classified

“National security adviser Condoleezza Rice and her deputy, Stephen J.
Hadley, were apprised of the FBI counterintelligence investigation of AIPAC
as a possible conduit for information to Israel more than two years ago, a
senior U.S. official said late yesterday. That official and other sources
would discuss the investigation only on the condition of anonymity because
it involves classified information and is highly sensitive,” the Post
report said


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