There are also women involved in the Iraqi prison scandal, not only as
guards or commanders, but also as prisoners. The story is just coming out.
Women are reluctant to speak, for obvious reasons.

Rape has a stigma in Iraqi society far beyond what it has here. To be raped
by an American would, according to experts, carry an unbearable shame for
an Iraqi woman.

The rumors and the reports suggest that women in detention have been forced
to strip and humiliated by American men in the name of interrogation.
Techniques designed for hardened terrorists were applied to women who had
slept with men we were looking for. There weren’t many women detainees at
Abu Ghraib, but there were some, mostly there not because of who they were,
much less what they’d done, but because of who they were married to or
lived with.

There was an Iraqi woman in her 70s who was harnessed and ridden like a
donkey, according to English press reports. It has been reported that she
is now dead.

Professor Huda Shaker al-Nuaimi, a political scientist at Baghdad
University who is researching the subject for Amnesty International, is
investigating what happened to one woman who she believes was raped and
left pregnant by a U.S. guard, and may have been killed after her release
from Abu Ghraib.

Then there was the letter, last December, smuggled out of Abu Ghraib,
written by another woman known as “Noor,” claiming that women detainees had
been raped and that a number were pregnant by their U.S. guards. Even some
Iraqi lawyers did not believe it at first.

Reports of the abuse of Iraqi women have provoked outrage among Iraqi men.

No one wants to do anything that puts American soldiers in greater danger.
That is, no doubt, why pictures being shown to senators are not being shown
to us..


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