President Bush’s second term is almost on its way. The president seems
confident enough to take on the challenges his second term will bring.
Important changes have already occurred in the president’s administration.
Along with these changes, I hope he will make a few others regarding his
administration’s policies.

During the president’s first term, many of the president’s decisions
repelled many people. Since this nation decided to give him a second
chance, the president should revisit overlooked foreign policy issues and
revive harmony in the country.

The Bush administration often characterizes the war on terrorism as a
global war. Here is a chance for them to expand their list of allies and to
make this war actually a global effort. Recently, French President Jacques
Chirac met with Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair. During the meeting,
President Chirac criticized the United State’s effort to fight terrorism.
However, he expressed willingness to put aside the differences and help
rebuild Iraq.

This offer can produce beneficial results for Iraq and the United States.
The Bush administration should try to seize this opportunity to revive
relationships. If the administration welcomes this offer, it may encourage
other nations to step forward with their aid


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