A Dec 26 column in The Oregonian, “French are right about head scarves” by Georgie Anne Geyer, disgusted and hurt me greatly. From the beginning to the end of the article, I found many flaws and numerous stereotypes. My hope is to correct these mistakes as accurately as I can.

It is true that most Islamic organizations are male-dominated. Let’s look at the French government. Last time I checked, it too was male-dominated along with every other powerful country in this world. Obviously, this male domination hasn’t affected the rights of the women in those countries. So why then would the same concept affect Muslim women?

The hijab, or Islamic head covering, is a completely misunderstood idea. To
the uneducated eye, it portrays oppression. That couldn’t be more wrong.
The Quran, or the Islamic holy book, says that hijab is required. However,
the final decision is that of the woman. No one can really force her to do

The sarcasm in the article about dressing modestly was hurtful. If we look
at our world right now, who gets more respect? Is it hookers on the streets
dressed in almost nothing or lawyers and doctors modestly dressed? So
obviously, the modesty gives you an upper hand since it forces people to
respect you for only your mind. Modesty itself is freedom because you don’t
have to give in to the peer pressure by stripping yourself of dignity…

Sumaiya Ahmed is a Sunset High School freshman in Beaverton.


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