Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey and fantasy presidential candidate of countless pining Republicans, is the Placido Domingo of contempt, a virtuoso of disparagement.

There are times when he blows too hard, or misdirects his anger. Even Placido Domingo has the occasional off night. But when Christie settles on a suitable target, his scorn can scatter his enemies like crows from the trees.

Such was the case last week, when he directed a blast of righteous anger at a campaign to thwart the appointment of a prominent Muslim lawyer to the Superior Court in Passaic County, mainly on grounds that the lawyer is, well, a Muslim. “I just thought this was a ridiculous and disgusting situation,” Christie told me when I called him this past weekend, a couple of days after his explosion. “I think it is terrible to try to exclude someone from office based only on his religion, and that’s what was happening here.” (More)


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