A couple of weeks ago, the ‘Good Tree Village’ arranged a meeting with the wider Muslim community in the DC- metro area to promote their aim of starting a physical community of around 20-25 families in a “co-housing” type of neighbourhood. Co-housing is the simple notion that people get together to create and maintain their own neighbourhood; encourage interaction amongst neighbours through shared facilities whilst retaining a sense of privacy in self-contained homes.

Basically, co-housing is about reviving a sense of neighbourhood and community which enables us to share our resources- be they time, cars or food- and live more sustainably. It is also something that is not so alien to Muslims and Islamic culture. In fact, the Good Tree Villlage is a close-knit co-housing community based on Islamic values but open to all.

As Syed Hassan who reported on the meeting remarks, “what we see exemplified by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a frugal lifestyle is in fact the best example of ‘sustainable living’… We must understand that sustainable living, where everyone in the world could afford to live fairly without going hungry or lacking shelter – is a core Islamic virtue.” (More)


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