(CNSNews.com) – An Islamic advocacy group wants the Bush administration to
clarify whether American Muslims participating in this year’s Hajj, or
pilgrimage to Mecca, will be fingerprinted or singled out for special
security measures based on their participation in the annual religious
pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has set up a “Hajji Hotline” and
a downloadable incident report form for Muslims who believe their
constitutional rights are being violated by U.S. Customs and Border
Protection officials, CAIR announced in a press release”¦

CAIR said it has repeatedly requested clarification from the Department of
Homeland Security and the CBP, but “no clear response has been given as to
whether mere participation in Islamic religious activities is now being
viewed as ‘probable cause’ for increased security checks or forced
fingerprinting of U.S. citizens”¦


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