Angered by President Bush’s conduct of foreign policy and dismayed about America’s diminished reputation abroad, more than two dozen former top diplomats and military leaders will release a statement this week calling for a change in U.S. national security policy.

Members of the group — a mix of Republicans and Democrats — have served in capitals from Moscow to Tel Aviv and Lima to Kinshasa. The list includes a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a former head of U.S. Central Command, a former CIA director and a decorated array of former ambassadors and assistant secretaries of state and defense.

“We all have this extremely strong feeling that this administration has failed in its responsibilities to the nation,” H. Allen Holmes, former assistant secretary of defense for special operations, said yesterday. “We have never been so isolated in the world, and feared. It’s incredible that the United States should be in that position.”

As a group, they are the latest and most prominent collection of former national security figures to complain about the direction of Bush administration foreign policy. They came together at a moment of growing public doubt about Bush’s handling of foreign affairs and the war in Iraq..


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