CHICAGO, July 17 (UPI) — With the annual Ramadan celebration just two weeks away, practicing Muslims this year have more alternatives for breaking the monthlong daily fast — a line of prepared foods from Saffron Road that meet halal strictures.

The Stamford, Conn., company produces 15 items — 12 of them frozen and three broths that can be consumed alone or used as a base for more elaborate fare. All but the vegetable broth are meat-related.

The company currently has revenues of less than $6 million annually but Executive Vice President Jack Acree said it is growing exponentially. Currently, Saffron Road employs eight and contracts out production and packaging.

“Halal is the foundation of what we are as a brand,” said Acree, who describes the operation as “an American company that produces halal products rather than a halal company.” “Our line is the first natural halal-certified products available nationwide.”

Acree, who is not Muslim but has experience in launching premium products like Terra chips, said the halal industry is where kosher was in the early 1950s before there was any kind of national certification process and when much of what was available was produced only on a local or regional basis. (More)


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