[NOTE: This item is included in today’s CAIR-NET to show the level of
anti-Muslim hatred that exists in the extremist right-wing media. There are
hundreds of Islamophobic web sites, but this particular one is sometimes
the source of story ideas for the more “legitimate” right-wing media. The
name “Val MacQeen” may be a pseudonym.]

Immigrant Muslims have their panties in a bunch again, yet again demanding
that the host country modify its habits in order to satisfy the “modesty”
of people recently catapulted through time from the year 600”¦

The refugees in question are from Somalia, where a little girl
spread-eagled on a table and held down screaming by several adult women
while someone snips off her genitals so she will never experience sexual
desire or fulfillment is presumably not regarded as “immodest” in their
“culture.” [sic.]

Maine Medical Center, noting that many recently arrived Somali women were
failing to turn up for their – presumably free – consultations, found that
they preferred to go without medical treatment rather than wear a garment
that didn’t fit in with what they wear to see the doctor back home –
apparently several layers of head to toe black draperies, thick socks and a
chastity belt. Rather than respect their choice to die a lingering and
painful death, Maine Medical Center set to work getting the gowns redesigned”¦

The Portland hospital gamely jumped right in to the new American tradition
of placating Muslims and massaging American culture to make our Western
ways acceptable to primitive bigots”¦

And we all know what happens when a Muslim man thinks he has lost face
because his wife went to answer the door without a grill over her face, or
his daughter refused to marry the Pakistani lout the father promised her to
when she was six. “Honor” killings provide the answer”¦

Meanwhile, the University of Michigan, which serves an area that has around
300,000 Muslim immigrants has not been slow to mould itself to the diktats
of the newly arrived modesty jihadettes. (The Detroit suburb of Hamtramck
now has calls to prayer in Arabic assaulting Polish Catholic ears six times
a day in the holy cause of multiculturalism.)

Again according to AP, “The hospital is thinking of posting signs on the
rooms of Muslim women warning male visitors and staff to check with a
nurse’s station before entering.” My suggestion would be, if they don’t
want male nurses attending their clitorectomied women who have had their
labia grafted together, they might want to consider building a
Muslim-funded hospital where their perverse notions of “health care” could
be catered to without causing widespread merriment. And without public
subsidy — the Islamicization of America


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