Messages of hate were found sprayed on the home of a family of Middle-Eastern descent Thursday in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours and was discovered by Chaudhary Khalid when he was returning home from work.

The messages look like random spots of green paint however Khalid says he can clearly make out ethnic slurs: “I saw “F” words on my garage doors and then started looking at the house and I saw it all over the house. There were words on the side like towel-head.”

Originally from Pakistan, Khalid is Muslim and has been in the United States for 18-years. He is saddened by the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East.

He does not understand why his home was targeted and says that his religion by no means endorses hatred or any kinds of evil: “They are interpreting the Muslim religion very differently because that is not the religion.”

Neighbor Steve Eissler was shocked about the threatening graffiti and feels it is completely wrong: “Nobody should take out frustrations on these people because they are hard working people just like everyone else that lives here and it’s a shame that had to happen.”

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime…


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