A critically acclaimed book that told the story of a Jordanian woman’s
honour killing at the hand of her father has been branded a fabrication by
an Australian newspaper.

The Sydney Morning Herald says in today’s editions that author Norma Khouri
invented the tale of Dalia, her lifelong friend and partner in a hair
salon, who purportedly was stabbed to death in 1996 by her Muslim father
over her relationship with a Christian man.

In Honor Lost: Love and Death in Modern-Day Jordan, which appeared last
year, Ms. Khouri wrote a detailed account of growing up in Jordan under a
regime oppressive to women. She said her friend’s father escaped prosecution.

The book was a bestseller in Australia, where Ms. Khouri now lives, and was
published in several other countries, including Canada. Interviews with Ms.
Khouri and favourable reviews appeared in several publications, including
The Globe and Mail.

But in today’s Morning Herald, literary editor Malcolm Knox says Ms.
Khouri, who is now 34, left Jordan when she was three years old and lived
in Chicago until 2000.

“The truth is that she didn’t live in Jordan at all,” Mr. Knox said in an
interview last night.


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