The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a resolution condemning violence and bigotry against Americans of Muslim, Arab or South Asian background.

By a voice vote, the measure also acknowledged “the many contributions of Arab Americans, Muslim Americans, South Asian Americans, and Sikh Americans to the nation,” and called upon US law enforcement agencies “to work vigorously to prevent discriminatory backlash crimes” against members of those groups.

A similar resolution was adopted by the US Senate in May.

The House legislation, introduced earlier this year by California Representative Darrell Issa, came in response to a surge of attacks across the United States committed against people perceived to be Muslim, Arab or South Asian following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks…

ACTION REQUESTED: CAIR urges Muslims and all people of conscience to contact their representatives and thank them for supporting H.Res. 234. You may visit to email your representative.


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