Can a Muslim ever use medicine containing pork products? Terminate a pregnancy? Use fertility drugs?

For American Muslims, there isn’t anything like a Catholic magisterium issuing definitive policies. So who decides?

“Some patients turn to Muslim doctors; others turn to imams,” said Shiraz Malik of the Islamic Medical Association of North America in Lombard.

IMANA, one of many faith-based medical associations, is also filling in gaps.

“The onus is on us as Muslim doctors to educate our colleagues,” said Dr. Iltifat Alavi, a retired La Grange physician. “A large number of physicians have no idea on how to meet Muslim needs.”

‘It’s sorely needed’
IMANA garnered the spotlight this summer after Muslim doctors working in Britain were suspected in suicide terror attacks in London and Glasgow.

IMANA publicly denounced the terrorism as anti-Islamic.


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