Despite changes in plans for a mosque at the Muslim Community Center,
members of the village’s Appearance Commission say the project still is too

The commission reviewed a revised version of the plan Sept. 9. That plan
reduces the height of the minaret from 60 to 58 feet.

In addition, the height of a dome on the mosque at 8601 Menard Ave. may
also be reduced, but that change was not included in the plan the
commission reviewed last week.

The MCC plan, which includes the mosque, new classrooms and new meeting
rooms, came out of a mediation process in a $5 million federal lawsuit
filed against the village by the MCC. If the village eventually approves
the project, the MCC is to drop the suit.

The suit resulted from the village’s rejection of an earlier plan last

Since that time the MCC has reduced the size of the mosque to allow for 524
worshippers instead of 598.

The Appearance Commission reviewed the plan in July, at that time
complaining about the 60-foot height of the minaret and the 45-foot height
of a dome over the mosque.

At that time, however, the MCC did not have a landscaping plan or
renderings of the building for the commission to review. Architect Walter
Matusik last week also provided samples of the brick and other materials
that will be used in the addition to the school.

Mohammed Kaiseruddin, MCC president, told the Appearance Commission that
several changes were made to the plan since July.

Besides the reduction in height of the minaret, the addition itself has
been dropped almost three feet by lowering the first floor to ground level.
Potentially, he said, that could result in a lowering of the dome as well…

But commission members said the dome still is too high and some neighboring
homeowners continued to complain that the project is too large for the
4.2-acre site…


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