One is a tactical officer with the Chicago Police Department who says he was called a “rock thrower,” a “terrorist” and words much worse.

The other was an officer in Decatur, Ga., who claims his superiors called him “Taliban” and once distributed his picture at roll call on a wanted poster, his face superimposed over that of a World Trade Center terrorist.

Now, Nail Majid and Mohamed Hyath are suing their respective police departments, claiming discrimination based on the fact they are Muslims and, in Majid’s case, also Arab-American.

Those who track Muslims and Arab-Americans in law enforcement say the cases, if proven, are isolated incidents, and say there is no evidence of widespread discrimination against such officers in U.S. police stations.

Still, the two cases, along with five other harassment complaints filed with the Justice Department on behalf of federal law enforcement employees, are enough to cause concern, according to civil rights activists and law enforcement officers. They come as Muslims across the nation are making an increasing number of complaints to the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other Arab and Muslim civil rights groups…


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