There is nothing “behind the veil.”

My mind and personality are the same as they were before I started wearing
the hijab as a freshman in college. I didn’t go through a long
self-discovery process before I put it on for the first time. When I began
reading about Islam and the importance of modesty, I realized that to be a
better Muslim and follow God’s orders, I needed to wear it. With so many
new experiences in my life, I figured this would be the easiest time to start.

Before I put on the head scarf, I was nervous, worried people would stare
at me. Being on a diverse college campus made the experience much easier,
as I was not the only one with a head scarf and students were more tolerant
of diversity than the population at large. Although it was nerve-racking to
think about what it would feel like to wear it, once I actually did, I
forgot I was wearing it. And after a while, the thought of going outside
without it felt alien


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